Our Team

Our Team

Global United Group (GUG) brings to the table a pool of expertise and talent  through its team who specialize in Finance , Information Technology, Medical Sciences, Economics,Engineering , Behavioral & Management Sciences.

Our Global Foot print

Global United Group (GUG) is headquartered in Denmark and is represented in the United Kingdom, North America, Africa, Qatar, UAE, India and South east Asia through its business affiliates.

What makes GUG and our associates unique is that we are a consortium of professionals spread across the world specializing as Certified ISO Auditors, Engineering and Heavy Industry Service Providers, Healthcare and Medical Professionals, Legal and Financial Professionals revolutionizing the industry with innovative methodologies.

We partner with Individuals, Enterprises & Communities to achieve tangible breakthroughs

Breakthrough is an opportunity, a threat, a requirement, a possibility, a challenge, a gift, an experience or anything that is recognized and capitalized as a potential gateway to soar.